The Annuity Expert

Ryan Cicchelli

During his eleven year career in the financial industry, he has gained a massive amount of experience helping people prepare to not only live, but thrive in their retirement through the utilization of safe investment options and diligent customer service.

In his home state of Michigan, Ryan has provided guidance to multiple agencies on retirement finance, insurance products, and improving customer service. His tutelage has allowed these fledgling agencies to grow and flourish into spectacular businesses.

He has traveled around the country giving training presentations and holding speaking engagements on annuity sales and ethical practices.

Not only has Ryan been called a top agent by multiple companies and carriers, but he has also directly mentored hundreds over the span of his career in hope of instilling strong values and ethical values in the next generation. 

He has had the honor of working closely with multiple field market organizations to improve sales practices & annuity production, and has been personally been involved in thousands of case designs. Beyond all else, Ryan has used his ever expending expertise in the financial industry to ease the minds of thousands of retirees and their families.

Ryan is always striving to assist people in making their golden years truly be golden

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